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A forum to review the state of the field, raise questions, share ideas, references, and perhaps generate research collaborations. The forum is unmoderated, but was created by John Wills (USC history emeritus). Send inquires to Jack at Obtain login information by sending your request along with your name, affiliation (if any), and email address to Detailed help in using the forum is available by clicking on the help link above.
4/9/2009 2:28:00 PM

john wills
john wills
Posts: 19
Subject: map - the project
Below is a chapter outline for the project. Click on the link to go to that chapter discussion.

Empire, Nation, Frontier, Network (aims and approaches) Empire, Nation, Frontier, Network (aims and approaches)

Introduction: Styles of SummaryIntroduction: Styles of Summary

Ch. 1: Origins and Qin-Han TransformationCh. 1: Origins and Qin-Han Transformation

Ch. 2: Buddhism and the TangCh. 2: Buddhism and the Tang

Ch. 3: The Song and Tenuous Multiplicities

Ch. 4: Yuan and Ming: Two Modes of Imperial Unification

Ch. 5: China and the Maritime World, 1517-1683

Ch. 6: Great Qing Among the States: North China, Inner Asia, and the Age of the Land Empires

Ch. 7: Canton Trade, the Opium War, and Rebellion

Ch. 8: , Treaty Ports, Concessions, 1860-1920

Ch. 9: China in the World Economy and the World Power System, 1860-1920

Ch. 10: Missionaries and Chinese Knowledge of the World, 1860-1920

Ch. 11: Contradictions of Nation-Building: Foreign Models and Advisors, 1900-1940

Ch. 12: Translingual and Transnational Structures: Trade, Urban Society, and Modern Culture, 1900-1940

Ch. 13: Hot War and Cold: The Kuomintang, the Chinese Communists, the Soviet Union, Japan, and America, 1920-1980

Ch. 14: "Greater China" Puzzle, 1980-2010

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4/9/2009 2:30:42 PM

john wills
john wills
Posts: 19
Subject: initial document
Attached below is my initial outline for the project.


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