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Please use this forum to share ideas, materials, and methods for teaching about Asia that are appropriate for elementary children. Please also note the social studies, literature, and other discipline-specific threads in the "Asia in My Classroom" forum.
1/8/2015 8:19:01 PM

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Subject: Treasures (Macmillan/MacGraw-Hill) Resources
for Los Angeles Unified School District teachers in the elementary grades, we are currently using the reading program Treasures. With this program are leveled readers of a variety of topics and genres to enhance the program. Below is a list of those books I have found pertaining to Asia. They span all the grades, and even if your class doesn't have the physical book, remember, our district purchased the e-book so they can be accessed free by teachers or students online and even have it read to them ( Because students in one grade don't necessarily read at grade level, I frequently use lower or higher level books that they can read.

• Plop! A Tale from China (1st)
• Yeh Shen: A Cinderella Tale from China (2nd)
• Rabbit Trickster Tales: From the United States and Japan (2nd)
• Yaks of the Mountains (2nd) Author: Sally Odgers
• Vivienne Tam (3rd) Author: Christina Idoux Rodriguez
• Snakes in Asia and Africa (4th) Author: Dina Anastasio
• Three Gorges Dam (4th) Author: Lisa Moran
• Marco Polo (4th) Author: Barbara Brooks Simons
• The Gobi Desert (5th) Author: Stephanie Cohen
• Arts and Crafts in Feudal Japan (6th) Author: Barbara Brooks Simon
• The Rise and Fall of the Court: Japan's Heian Period (6th) Author: Rena Korb
• Tsunami! (6th) Author: Lisa Jo Rudy

Once logged in the website, I clicked on resources, then leveled reader database to search by topic, keyword, or grade level.

Dennis O. Colato
1/14/2015 1:19:23 AM

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Subject: Books in the Classroom
Translations from the Chinese by Arthur Waley 1919 New York: Alfred A. Knopf: Mcmxli a book of beautiful Chinese poetry
Journey into China by National Geography Society has a wealth of resources to further reference, augment and extend instruction about China's geography, religion, achievements-art/architecture/literature, etc., politics, economics and social structures. The breath taking pictures of China's human, regional and cultural landscapes bring to life and added human dimension, historical context and visual richness derived from a singular frame and fleeting moment in time, capture by a camera lens.


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