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9/7/2015 10:38:58 PM

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Subject: Mulan (Part I) film review
For my film review, I decided to review a film that various of my colleagues use during the China Unit. I choose to review Disney’s Mulan (part 1). The film contains great details and humor that will draw students in and gain their interest in learning more about China.

Disney’s Mulan film Review

CA Standards

6.6 Students analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the early civilizations of China.

· Students will be able to share their previous knowledge about China.
· Students will be able to complete character traits charts for various characters.
· Students will be able to identify details of daily life, society roles, and religion from viewing the video.

Body of Lesson:
Book Activity- Students will be assigned specific chapters of the book during the weeks leading up to the movie. This will serve as to establish prior knowledge before video activity.
· Students will create a vocabulary foldable to help them understand the movie.
o Ancestor, matchmaker, honor, emperor, guardian, avalanche, imperial, counselor, troops, cannon, concubine, and fireworks

Opening- Student will create a circle map. Inside the inner circle, students will write the question, “What do you know about China and its people?” On the outside circle students will write as much as they can during the course of 5 minutes. Upon writing their answer, students will share their answer with their shoulder partner. If their partner mentioned something that they would like to add to their circle, they may do so with a red pen.

Film activity- Students will be given two worksheets to work on during various points of the movie. 1st worksheet- This will be a character trait chart. Students will be given the opportunity to write words and/or sentences that identify a character’s personality. I will pause the film at various points throughout the class periods. 2nd worksheet- This will be a have a few fill in the blanks, short answer, and multiple choice for my ELD students. My regular students will have short answer, and the ELD students will have multiple choice. At the end of the film, students will have to compare facts mentioned in the book to different parts of the film that demonstrated that fact.
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8/17/2016 8:29:35 PM

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The Disney movie “Mulan” is a great movie I can use for my second grade class in introducing some of the cultural traditions of China. Mulan seems to break the traditional role of a Chinese girl. Although there are many questionable elements to the movie as far as its complete authenticity to Chinese culture, I do feel that it is a great pathway for my students in efforts to spark interest in learning more about the Chinese culture. I have two ideas for lessons that I would want to incorporate. The first lesson would focus on woman empowerment and how Mulan breaks tradition with a typical Disney movie of having a man be a hero and also how she breaks traditions of a Chinese young woman. The second lesson I could use alongside the movie would an art lesson focusing on the various symbols and structures of art in China.

Home » Film Festival » Mulan (Part I) film review

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