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Please use this forum to share ideas, materials, and methods for teaching about Asia that are appropriate for middle school classes. Please also note the social studies, literature, and other discipline-specific threads in the "Asia in My Classroom" forum.
1/22/2016 1:50:38 AM

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Subject: Red Scarf Girl
This is a memoir about a girl who is 12 growing up during the time of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. This is a great book for middle school students. The focus of the author's hopefulness and how she changes, grows up because of the events that happen.

Amplify has a great curriculum that incorporates text-based writing. This is a piloted program that LAUSD or possibly some schools may adopt. Red Scarf girl is included in the 7th grade unit.

If you are able to read this memoir with your students, it's a very relatable story, despite the cultural differences. Students can identify with Ji-Li's struggles and feelings.

Home » Middle School Ideas » Red Scarf Girl

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