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Please use this forum to discuss Asia-focused feature and documentary films. Create a new topic for each newly introduced film (put the title in the subject line). If someone has already started a discussion about a film, please add your comments to that discussion rather than starting a new topic.
6/17/2016 4:15:30 PM

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Subject: Inside the Campus (2008)
Film: Inside the Campus Director: Camille Ponsin
Run Time: 54 minutes Electronic reproduction, Alexander Street Press 2008 (Filmakers Library Online

A film crew follows two students at Nanjing Normal University for a one-year journey. It is rare for American high school students to see what life is like as a college student in China. Life is different with the military training and uniforms, and the top academic students are recruited into the Communist Party (Student League). On the other hand, these young Chinese students are no different than their Western counterparts. A photography student who is more carefree and worries about boys, family, and her future. The other student is a freshman who feels pressure to join the Communist party. Throughout the film, the college students deal with the pressures from studying and a recent suicide attempt from one of their classmates.

The film is less than an hour and would be ideal for a cultural unit in order to explain the differences and similarities of young people who grow up in different societies. This would also be a good short film to have for the college counselor at the high school. The counselor could show the film to rising seniors and/or to first semester seniors.
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6/27/2016 1:38:49 PM

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I like the fact that this resource is less than an hour as that is always a plus to keep the students' attention. Moreover the fact that it exhibits differences and similarities in two different societies can be engaging- not only for me, but also for my students.
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Home » Film Festival » Inside the Campus (2008)

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