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8/9/2016 12:01:59 PM

Clay Dube
Clay Dube
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Subject: daoism/taoism as a religion
Daoism 道家 has long been taught about as a philosophy. Scholars have noted, however, that in some places and at some times, daoism was followed as a religion. The Yellow Turbans, for example, was a secret society, which brought down the Han dynasty after four centuries were led by a Daoist faith healer (

Ian Johnson, a NY Times reporter long interested in Chinese belief systems, recently interviewed Terry Kleeman, a scholar and author of a book that argues Daoism should be thought of as a religion, not just some of the time, but from its core founding documents. Read the article at: .

Jeffrey Richey also argues that Confucianism should be understood as a religion in the book Teaching Confucianism. a portion of the book is here:

Home » Asia in My Classroom » religions in china

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